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We're currently debating where to link our on demand webinar to. We typically send an email post-event and link to the webinar to view. My team wants to link to our website to increase page views and build our authority on the topic and rank in google search. I prefer linking to ON24 so customers can view the console and have access to the widgets and functionality, rather then viewing a boring MP4. Can anyone share what they're doing & have any stats or tips for best practice?


Hi Kari, I hope you've been well! Not sure if your Account Manager mentioned ON24 Video to you, but this is a great way to embed your webinars on your website. Here are a few nice examples from other customers.



I'll also share with the rest of the community so folks can weigh in on how they share on-demand viewings on their website. :)



Kari. Wanted to share my personal view on post-event links. If I have "missed" a webinar, or want to view one again on-demand, odds are I will not be able to find that specific link. It requires me to remember who the email came from, and searching through thousands of emails in my email box. SO, my preference is always to have a single portal for all webinar events, whether they are Live or on-demand. If you give the page an easy to remember URL, or at a minimum, if it is a single site, they can bookmark the site. We have done this at www.ey.com/webcasts, if you want to take a look. We tag all our events, so they can appear based on audeince, topic, function, etc. Once they click on register, they are then directed to On24. This solves your issue of viewing only an MP4. We do give each individual webcast page a bit.ly that we then use to promote webcasts on other internal and external pages. One of the benefits of using this approach, is it drives people to a sign page all the time, increasing your live views, as well as your on-demand views. Happy to discuss further. Can be reached at joan.dollard-spooner@ey.com. Good luck

Hi Kari -

We have been hosting live webinars since the end of 2007 and we archive all of our webinars on a webinars page on our website - www.scilearn.com/webinars. We built a registration page so people have to register before viewing an on-demand webinar. And then it links to ON24 and all of the functionality of the console. We then created a separate webinars page that highlights webinars and specific areas of interest. Again, webinars can only be viewed if people give us their contact information.

For the folks who attended the live webinar, they will get an email after the session with a link that will take them back to the webinar and we added tokens to it from Marketo and we can track their usage that way as well.

Basically, our strategy is this: we capture data if someone wants to watch either a live webinar or an on-demand webinar. We don't "give out" webinars without this getting registration data. This is why we haven't posted many of our webinars on say YouTube for example. There is no way that we know of to track usage.

I can be reached @ cgajowski@scilearn.com if you have any questions!



You read my mind. I was debating this topic just yesterday with a colleague. I'm in the same boat; we are trying to determine which route to take. Looking forward to seeing everyone's recommendations.


We've gone back and forth on the best way to do this and we finalized on doing it the same way that @Carrie Gajowski does it. While having the video embedded seems like a more easier/simpler user experience, the reason we stayed with the On24 console is because we rely heavily on the Chapters widget for on demand webinars. Our webinars are almost always an hour long so we promote the fact that people can go directly to the section they care about when viewing an on demand webinar.

Hi Kari,

We've created a content hub where we post all our ON24 on-demand recordings: http://enterprisehub.autodesk.com/webinars

Clicking on those entries goes to ON24 (we'd love to be able to embed the recordings into our hub pages, but unfortunately can't do that unless we upgrade to the ON24 video offering). We're using the ON24 registration page to get info on our viewers.

We also send follow-up emails to all registrants (whether they actually attended or not) with the link to the recording (a link that passes through our hub in order to hit our analytics), as well as a survey link to get their feedback on the webinar.

I hope this helps.


Right now what we do it host the mp4 and slides on their own page. We use marketo forms to sign people up for the webinars, so after it goes to on-demand we change where the form takes them (to the new on-demand page rather than a thank you page). It's less engaging than I'd like, but it enables us to keep them on our website.

Hi Kari you're team is right. But either grab a frame from the webinar or slide and put on your website and have them just fill out name and email as minimum and then click to watch. It will go straight to ON24 console anyway so best of both worlds. Don't give away traffic to ON24 directly as if they visit your site once and cookied they may return again for another visit so serve up regular engaging content.

We currently host them on our website in our Resources section. However, looking into ON24 Video!

I'd suggest a hybrid approach. Send to the webianr page on ON24 for the first 3 motnsh then point to your website when the content is a bit older, but still relevant. Thsi way you maxamize leads and drive traffic to your website.

Hi Kari,

We archive everything on our site and distribute the videos to any partners on the webinar to share as well. Keeping copies on our site and in our ecosystem lets us have full control of them and allows up to optmize and move them as our site changes or as our business changes.

We have an on-demand library on our website that drives visitors to "view on-demand webcast"

We hold ours differently, I think. We charge a fee to attend, so we link them to our registration calendar and particants find the titles on our website/calendar page. We likely don't have as high of participation as some of you though.

I think something on your own site that points to the webinar pages on ON24 is best. That gives you a lot of flexibility to determine how the content is presented and organised, and you can even use an identifier in your marketing automation platform, likely the e-mail address, to pull user data and offer known visitors a link directly to the webinars without having to register again.

Those who haven't registered, or who've dumped their cookies would have to register, but that means you can continue to capture new leads the same way you did your initial registrations, and, if you have an integration, you can:

  1. Log the source on the lead's record the same way you would other webcast registrants using the partnerref variable. (You can even use script on your page to dynamically add that if they arrived at at your webcast listing page via another source.)
  2. Enter the leads into your marketing automation platform, and push them into marketing programs/lists/enagement programs the same way you did with other registrants.
  3. If your MAP is integrated with your CRM, you can push those leads into your CRM based on whatever rules/flows you like.

If you have different audiences, some tagging on webinar objects in your CMS can control who's presented with what and you have more freedom there to generate supporting content dynamically, if you know who the person is, that can improve their experience on your site.

This also means that their webcast experience with you is consistent, whether they make their way to a webcast through the site, an invite, a share, et cetera.

Since I manage Client Centers (areas dedicted to clients) then we created a dedicated virtual environment to combine with our website.

Since we have one year archive with ON24, I direct people to the on demand webinar from the landing page. That way people are still able to interact with widgets and surveys and I can capture on demand leads. After the year is up, I remove the form and host the mp4 recording on the website.


We actually have it in a few locations. We use the email links for on-demand generated from ON24, so they can always get in that way. We also have the on-demand webinars listed on our events website. This will take them back to the ON24 registration page to view. We also use ON24 Video. And for when our webinars are archived (90 days), we place the mp4 video file on our YouTube Channel (as well as give the video file to our webinar sponsors to host on their website). I hope this helps.

Curently, I have all the on-demand webinars on the website. Just like your team, I do it for SEO.

We opted to save money and host on our website. If your SEO is great and you have the traffic, then I think it works well. If you don't and your webinars are for lead gen, ON24 Video might be a good option.